International competition

for the elaboration of a concept for the architectural and urban planning development of the historical centre of Kaliningrad (Korolevskaya Gora and its surroundings)



Under instructions of the Government of Kaliningrad region and in association with the administration of municipal entity ’Urban district ’The city of Kaliningrad’, the Non-profit partnership ’Urban Planning Bureau ’Heart of the City’ organized and conducted an open International competition for the Concept of architectural and urban planning development of the historical center of Kaliningrad (Korolevskaya gora and its surroundings)
The competition aimed at providing a well-grounded urbanistic, urban planning as well as spatial and volumetric solution for the area of former Korolevskaya gora and its locality (the area of 56 ha within the boundaries of Novaya Pregolya riverfront, Zarayskaya str., Shevchenko str., Klinicheskaya str., Proletarskaya str., Sergejeva str., Universitetskaya str., Zhitomirskaya str., V. Hugo str.);

Schedule of the competition

First phase: 28 January — 14 April 2014 
Prequalification of entrants. The deadline for the submission of documents of the first stage 14 March 2014.

Second stage: 15 April – 1 November 2014. Presentation of entries, discussion, summarizing the results. The deadline for the submission of entries 3 September 2014 .

At present, the competition is announced to be closed.

For more information on conditions, the progress, the Terms of Reference, and the results of the competition please visit the project website

All entries admitted to the finals are available for browsing and download here.

The electronic version of the Final Catalogue of the Competition is published in Section Publications. To obtain the printed version of the Catalogue and for other questions please contact the Executive Secretary of the Competition by phone number +7 (4012) 53-61-47 or email

Opening remarks

"Dear participants of the international architectural and urban competition! You are faced with a difficult challenge: you have to create a new look of the historic center of the city of Kaliningrad. For several decades, the solution of this issue was postponed. Today, the critical moment has come for you to demonstrate your abilities, skills and experience in order to make the "Heart of the City" beat again! I am sure that you will offer unique designs based on reverence for the history and traditions, as well as on the choice of modern urban planning and architectural decisions and the selection of the best projects will be very difficult for the jury." With best wishes!
Governor of Kaliningrad region,
N.N. Tsukanov

"Dear contest participants! Kaliningrad has a long and illustrious history, which is reflected in its image. After the Second World War, the historic center of Kaliningrad was destroyed. Today, we will have a unique opportunity to become the creators of a new history of the city of Kaliningrad! My dream is that Kaliningrad will become a comfortable and modern city for its residents and tourists coming to the Kaliningrad region. I am confident that we will be able to achieve this with your help. I sincerely wish you success, creative and unconventional approach in the development of urban planning decisions!" Sincerely,
Head of Kaliningrad city administration
A.G. Yaroshuk