Open international competition

for the architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the grounds of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad ("Post-castle")

Results of the competition

The working session of the jury of the International Competition for the Architectural Design of the Governmental Historic and Cultural Complex on the Grounds of the Former Order Castle Königsberg (Post-castle) took place on 8-9 September 2015 at the premises of the Museum of the World Ocean.

At the press-conference on 9th September the Chaiman of the international jury Bart Goldhoorn, the Governor ad interim of the Kaliningrad Region Nikolay Tsukanov and the City Mayor Alexander Yaroshuk opened envelopes with names of the authors of the winning entries.

The 1st prize winning entry, 311 - application from Alexander Timokhin (Kaliningrad), project author - Anton Sagal (Kaliningrad/Milan)


2nd prize, entry 131 - "Studio 44", Team Leader - Nikita Yavein (St. Petersburg)

3rd prize, entry 107 - Marco Tapia Lopez and Carmen Figueiras Lorenzo (Spain)

3rd prize, entry 007 - [A+M]² Architects, Team leader - Marcello Galiotto, PhD Architect, co-authors: Alessandra Rampazzo Architect and Pietro Colonna Architect (Italy)

Special mention of the jury, entry 173 -"Arthur Sarnits - Kenigsberg" LTD (Kaliningrad)

At the working session, the international jury recommended the following six entries to participate in online voting: no 311, no 131, no. 107, no. 007, no. 173 and no. 101.

The open online voting was conducted from 5th October till 6th November 2015. The entry no. 173 by Arthur Sarnits - Königsberg Ltd. team was considered by internet users to be the best. More information about the results of the online voting can be found here .

The final exhibition of competition entries was opened in the Kaliningrad regional museum of arts and history on 26 October 2015. Every Saturday, at 12:00, the specialists of the Bureau conduct guide tours around the exhibition. The exhibition is planned to run during November-December 2015.

Below please find the Protocol of the Working Session of the Jury from 8-9 September 2015. 

Following the announcement of the competition results, in accordance with the contract, the author of the winning entry Anton Sagal submitted a new video visualizing his idea.


All forty nine entries are available for download below.

311 - Anton Sagal, Individual Entrepreneur Timokhin
Russia, Kaliningrad/Milan
131 - Architectural Bureau "Studio 44"
Russia, St. Petersburg
107 - Marco Tapia Lopez & Carmen Figueiras Lorenzo
007 - [A+M]² Architects
173 - "Arthur Sarnits - Kenigsberg" LTD
Russia, Kaliningrad
101 - Architectural bureau "Arkhimed Plus"
Russia, Moscow
041 - AI-Studio in consortium with HighPlan Portugal Society of Architects Ltd
Russia, Moscow/ Portugal
059 - Leonidas Papalampropoulos
023 - ACD studio
Russia, St. Petersburg
067 - Ercan Coban Architects and ONZ Architects
002 - Architectural Bureau “Designus”
Russia, Moscow
003 – Architecture and Design Company “TechnoArtProject”
Russia, Kaliningrad
005 - Trevor Skempton
United Kingdom
011 - Rosengineering Project
Russia, St. Petersburg
017 - Caramel Architekten ZT-GmbH
019 - Ministry of Design Pte Ltd
029 - Archiwood Design Development Inc
031 - Endo Shuhei Architecture Institute
037 - Larisa Ayukasova
Russia, Orenburg
043 - P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S
047 - Axi:Ome LLC
053 - VSPB Associates
Russia, Moscow
071 - "Prostor" LLC
Russia, Ulyanovsk
073 - Shanghai Huadu Architecture & Urban Design Co.
079 - "Architectural Studio 4+" LLC
Russia, Kaliningrad
083 - Rui Pedro da Silva
089 - Alexander Anisimov
Russia, Moscow
097 - "Archproject-Kaliningrad" LLC
Russia, Kaliningrad
103 - Milan Vujovic
109 - LLC "Stolyarchuk’s Architectural Studio"
Russia, St. Petersburg
113 - Buro Koray Duman Architects
127 - “Tvorcheskaya masterskaya T.M." LLC and Romeo Sergio ditta familiare
Russia, Samara/ Italy
137 - Tabanlioglu Architects
139 - LLC "Architectural bureau "SLOI "
Russia, St. Petersburg
149 - LLC "Metaplasm"
Russia, Moscow
151 - "Architectural Studio Martynov and Gatilova" LLC
Russia, Moscow
157 - [hatch] architects and planners
163 - Sadegh Farahanian Moghaddam
167 - "Studio of Architecture" LLC
Russia, Kaliningrad
179 - Vladimir Shevyrev
Russia, Kaliningrad
181 - Greenstyle Architecture
191 - "Avangard" LLC
Russia, Moscow
193 - Alfonso Cendron
197 - "Altair" LLC
Russia, Moscow
283 - "Bureau of architectural and design concepts FIVE" LLC
Russia, Moscow
293 - Estudio Santander
307 - Khoury Levit Fong
313 - LLC "AROF" and Architectural bureau Cyrille Hugon
Ukraine, France, Italy