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Volunteers needed for the excavation site of Königsberg Castle ruins

12 August 2016 / Our news

Fieldworks have started on the excavation site of Königsberg Castle ruins. Diggers have been hired but archaeologists will be grateful if they receive help from volunteers. However, apart from one’s interest and a wish to touch history, candidate should comply with the number of requirements. 

Kaliningrad meeting with specialists who will be responsible for scientific graphic reconstruction of the King’s castle West wing

20 May 2016 / Our news

Does the Theseus’s ship* that has been rebuilt many times remain the same? Will the reconstructed part of the King’s castle be the same West wing? The paradox of the Greek myth is the best illustration of the agenda that the most of restorers work with. In any case, the statements about authenticity and accuracy require evidence, historical studies and the scientific rationale.    

Information announcement

17 May 2016 / Our news

Due to organizational changes in the activities of our bureau, unfortunately, this year the "Heart of the City" Project will not participate in the Museum night. The prepared materials will be used in other events. Please accept our apologies.

King’s castle and the ship of Theseus: between authenticity and pastiche

16 May 2016 / Our news

Topic: restoration and re-building/adaptation of historical architectural sites

How to tell a king from a fraud? What is the difference between an original and a fake? What is the last proof of authenticity in the endless succession of forgeries, brain games, hallucinations, authorized omissions and the real king’s volitions emerging from unknown vaults? All of this including things that have remained between the lines of this announcement can be listened to and partially seen at the meeting that will be held at the Sackheim Gates on Thursday, on 19 May, from 16-00 till 18.30.

Conceptual Design of the ”Post-castle” Historic and Cultural Complex

13 May 2016 / Our news

We would like to bring to your attention that now we have published online the conceptual design of the Historic and cultural complex ”Post-castle” developed by the architect Anton Sagal. It is based on the competition proposal of Anton Sagal, the first prize winner of the open international competition organized by the bureau “Heart of the City” in 2015. The work was conducted on the basis of requests for the Historic and cultural complex functions received from the relevant ministries of the Kaliningrad Region Government and the city administration. 

Press review of last week: on excavations of the ruins of the King’s castle, renaming the island and how Kaliningrad may appear on Russian banknotes

15 April 2016 / Our news

As the web-portal Kaliningrad.Ru mentions in their article “Secret dungeons and magic symbols: how the ruins of the King’s castle were excavated” dated from 13 April 2016,”the establishment of the architectural bureau “Heart of the City” and international competitions have shown that the authorities decided to develop the city by focusing on the historical heritage”.