Surveys and studies

Graduation project "Reconstruction and renovation of the former rampart area “WALLPROMENADE” in Kaliningrad”. Author – Irina Shvetsova. Chair of Architecture and Urban Planning Heritage, Faculty of Architecture, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Saint-Petersburg, 2015.

Project supervisor – Dmitry Makhov; head of the chair – D.Sc. in architecture, professor Sergey Sementsov.

Analysis of the territory


Masterplan + diagrams


Reality-History-Design proposal


Section view from the western entrance to Kunsthalle

Вид-разрез с западного входа Kunsthalle-s.jpg

Section view from Partizanskaya Street

Вид-разрез с ул Партизанской-s.jpg

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Graduation project on the subject "Restoration and adjustment of the building “Kreuz-Apotheke” in Kaliningrad”. Author – Filipp S. Targonskyi. Project supervisor – Associate Professor of the Chair “Architecture and urban environment reconstruction”, Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) Vera A. Kameneva.

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In the period April-May 2015, by order of the Kaliningrad Region Government and with assistance of the Kaliningrad City Administration, the Non-Profit Partnership “Urban Planning Bureau “Heart of the City” conducted a number of activities to inform the general public on the progress of the preparation for an open international competition for the architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the grounds of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad.
In particular, two public discussions took place on 21 April 2015 in the Central Library named after Anton Chekhov and on 14 May 2015 in the premises of the I. Kant Baltic Federal University at Universitetskaya Street, 2. During discussions, the survey examining participants’ opinion regarding the functions and the degree of historicity of the future Governmental historic and cultural complex on the post-castle area was conducted. A similar survey was conducted among participants of the municipal event “Night of Museums 2015” that took place in Kaliningrad on 15-16 May 2015. This publication contains a brief report on the results of the survey.

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Irina Kozhevnikova.
City as an act. Creation of a city. Part 1 and 2.
Culturological study, 2014

Irina Kozhevnikova.
City as an act. Creation of a city. Part 3.
Culturological study, 2014

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Oleg Vasyutin.
Kaliningrad –Königsberg: Architecture of the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periods (the end of the first half of the 20th - the early 21st century)», 2007

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Oleg Vasyutin, Alexander Popadin.
Historical and analytical review. Korolevskaya gora (King's Mountain) in Kaliningrad: Projects and Concepts for its Development. 2009

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Oleg Vasyutin, Alexander Popadin.
Urban Palimpsest: Town Planning Policy in Kaliningrad Oblast (1945-1990). Kaliningrad, 2013

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"Fachwerk". Survey material, 2013

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